What Purpose Do They Serve?

Her screams echoed in the night. She had forgotten their other purpose. They had all forgotten. *** Six years earlier. Judith Fenwicky tapped on the microphone to bring the meeting to order. With this group of people, she found it particularly hard to stop them from talking so she coughed loudly. The chattering eventually stopped […]

The Time Before Memory

For a child, the first years are often thought of as the time before memory. Very few people have specifics that they can recall from much before three years old. As parents this sometimes makes us think that these first few years will be erased. This is a relief when we think that our mistakes […]

My Best Bowling Game Ever

The one or two times that I bowl a year, my goal is to break a hundred points. For those not familiar with bowling, this is a totally unremarkable score. I often don’t attain even this modest feat. But for one game, one shining moment, I scored radically higher than I ever had before (or […]

Thanks, but no thanks

I don’t think everyone will agree with me on this one, but hear me out. In society various social customs develop. They start as politeness, and eventually evolve into an expected part of interaction. Years ago, when someone helped you pull your ox out of the ditch, you would say “Thanks.” It was a simple […]

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