Review of “Touch” by Claire North

Touch starts with a science fiction premise that I’ve seen a few times before. Beings exist that can move from one human body to another, taking complete control of their hosts. The Denzel Washington movie Fallen is about a serial-killer demon that moved from person to person. One of my favorites books, Wild Seed, by […]

Book Review of “California”

California, by Edan Lepucki, starts with a fairly typical post-apocalyptic world. Society has collapsed. People struggle to survive in primitive conditions, except for a few pockets of rich people who isolate themselves communities. But Lepucki takes a different approach to the genre and focuses on the effect that this environment has on the marriage of […]

Some numbers are hard to say.

“How many children do you have?” It’s a simple question. For most people it has a simple answer. For those that have lost a child (through death or, like us, an adoption that was reversed by an appeals court, after having our daughter for years in foster care), the question is full of emotion. If […]

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